Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Attempt #2 to Cross Country Ski

It was quite chilly this Wednesday morning, but with hot chocolate in hand, I headed out at 7am to meet Tim to head up to Piancavallo. We were going cross country skiing for the second time this week. Unlike Sunday, we had the mountain to ourselves. I strapped on my skis again and did a few practice laps in the practice area. It had rained up on the mountain and then gotten cold, so there was a nice layer of ice over the snow.

We headed out on one of the trails and I mastered the art of stopping myself by throwing myself to the right to fall down. I was doing okay, even with the icy trail, until we got to the loop turn around. Here, there weren't any tracks on the trail to help guide me and I had a pretty good wipe out going down this hill. With a sprained ankle, I managed to do pretty well on the way back. That wipe out had been my 5th and last fall on the 3 mile loop. I even figured out how to get up the hills without skiing backwards down them!

My efforts were rewarded with piping hot pizzas at San Giorgio's in Aviano for lunch. Feeling beaten up won't keep me from trying to master cross country skiing!

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