Sunday, November 29, 2009

BMW Museum, Munich, Germany

The BMW Museum is located in the sprawling BMW complex in Munich, Germany complete with show rooms, restaurants, cafes, and even an ice climbing wall. I learned that BMW actually started out making airplane engines in 1916. Their first road vehicle was a motorcycle in 1923, followed by cars in 1928.

The museum showcases more than 90 years of BMW heritage. The BMW 3/15PS from 1929 was the first car released.

The first BMW Roadster was produced in 1930 & only weighed 410kg.

The 1995 Z3 driven only by Pierce Brosnan in James Bond: Golden Eye and the Z8 also only driven by Brosnan in The World is Not Enough are both on display.

The 1955 BMW lsetta is probably one of the cutest cars I have ever seen!

A special exhibition of concept cars currently occupies the second floor of the museum. To see our online photo album of the BMW Museum, visit:

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