Monday, July 20, 2009

What Does 3 Kilowatts of Electricity Mean?

The basic electricity contract in Italy is set up to provide approximately 3 kilowatts. Tempting fate, I attempted to wash a load of towels while a load was drying in the dryer all in the comfort of my air conditioner. Non in Italia i miei amici! Alas, the power went out as I was in the shower. The legend of the 3 kilowatts appliance struggle is true!

Towel on my head, or what Tim refers to as my turban, and some clothes thrown on, I began the hunt for the elusive breaker which is not conveniently located in the house like in America. Oh no, I am outside with my turban and all trying to decipher which box is gas and which is electric and even more importantly, which box belongs to my house. Finally just taking a chance and flipping a break, I chose right since the electricity was restored.

Experimenting, I have determined I can wash laundry while running 2 AC units, heating my flat iron, and blow drying my air.

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