Monday, June 7, 2010

Shark Expo

The Shark Expo, on the Palazzo del Turismo, in Lido di Jesolo is a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of sharks. You can admire 60 examples of 24 different shark species, from the Zambezi or Leucas sharks (Carcharhinus leucas), the only exemplars on display in Europe (three in the world together with South Africa and Japan) to the impressive sand tiger sharks (Carcharias taurus).

At Shark Expo, rare hammerhead sharks can also be admired, very difficult to find in aquariums, an enormous exemplar of the lemon shark, the extraordinary elegance of the zebra shark (that enchants everyone with its beauty when it swims), two exemplars of nurse sharks, Oscar and Matilda, and the special carpet and bamboo sharks. The smallest shark measures 10 cm. The largest is Rocco the Bull Shark which measures 3 meters. Visitors are welcomed by the enormous jaw of a white shark; inside there are display cases with museum displays of sharks and historical finds. Along the way, original fossil jaws and teeth are seen, ancient and modern anti-shark devices, collectors’ pieces from the world over, comic strips, previously unseen film clips, and much more. There are also a room for informative videos and one on shark attacks of people.

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